La Cause Des Femmes

La Cause Des Femmes
Author: Gisèle Halimi
Total Pages: 206
Release: 1973
Genre: Abortion

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Femmes de Conscience

Femmes de Conscience
Author: Susan Goodman
Publsiher: Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle
Total Pages: 265
Release: 1994
Genre: American literature
ISBN: 9782878540833

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Femmes de conscience, Aspects du féminisme américain (1848-1875) éclaire les débats qui animent la pensée américaine au XIXe siècle et préparent les grandes actions du XXe. Une équipe de spécialistes s'est réunie autour de Susan Goodman et Daniel Royot afin de mettre en perspective tout un faisceau d'idées. L'unité thématique s'est réalisée sur la condition des femmes et son évolution. Sont ainsi examinées les lignes de force des divers mouvements. L'approche diachronique permet d'évaluer le.

Femmes Et L tat Canadien

Femmes Et L   tat Canadien
Author: Caroline Andrew
Publsiher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Total Pages: 364
Release: 1997
Genre: History
ISBN: 0773514236

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A collection of essays presented at a conference to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the release of the Report of the Royal Commission on the Status of Women, Women and the Canadian State both celebrates and critically assesses the Report. Women bureaucrats, activists, and academics consider the impact, successes, and failures of the Report from a variety of viewpoints and reflect on the experience of Canadian women since its publication in 1970.

Une jeune femme sur un bateau ivre

Une jeune femme sur un bateau ivre
Author: Innocent Butare
Publsiher: African Books Collective
Total Pages: 166
Release: 2019-05-27
Genre: History
ISBN: 995655071X

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Très peu de personnes auront eu à traverser des temps aussi troublés que ceux que vécut Agathe Uwilingiyimana comme Premier ministre du Rwanda avant le génocide. Au sujet de cette femme de tête, ses idées et son action, bien des questions demeurent sans réponse. Qui l’a assassinée et pourquoi ? Aurait-elle tenté un putsch contre le Président Habyarimana ? Aurait-elle trempé dans le complot visant à assassiner ce dernier ? Comment entendait-elle sauver le pays du chaos et de la descente aux enfers après la disparition inopinée du Président de la République qu’elle avait si âprement combattu ? Était-elle maîtresse de ses décisions ou était-elle désinformée ou manipulée ? Pourquoi et comment cette enseignante récemment embarquée en politique a-t-elle été la cible privilégiée de la presse de caniveau, entre 1992 et 1994 ? Quel comportement exceptionnel a-t-elle eu pour que la patrie reconnaissante l’élève au rang des héros dans l’ordre d’Imena ? Son royaume d’enfance, son adolescence et sa jeunesse préfiguraient-ils un destin si singulier ? À travers lectures, souvenirs, témoignages et anecdotes, son ami d’enfance nous offre un récit édifiant, court mais dense, qui nous fait découvrir la vie et la personnalité complexe et polymorphe de cette flamme éphémère dans la nuit rwandaise.

An Encyclopedia of Continental Women Writers

An Encyclopedia of Continental Women Writers
Author: Katharina M. Wilson
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 698
Release: 1991
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9780824085476

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First Published in 1991. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Beyond French Feminisms

Beyond French Feminisms
Author: R. Célestin
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 311
Release: 2016-04-30
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1137095148

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This volume, a collection of essays by a number of high-profile personalities working in philosophy, literature, sociology, cinema, theatre, journalism, and politics, covers a number a of recent and crucial developments in the field of French Feminisms that have made a reassessment necessary. Beyond French Feminisms proposes to answer the question: what is new in French Feminism at the beginning of the twenty-first century? The essays reflect the shift from the theoretical and philosophical approaches that characterized feminism twenty years ago, to the more social and political questions of today. Topics include: the 'parité' and PACS debates, the France-USA dialogue, the 'multicultural' issues, and the new trends in literature and film by women.

Daughters Of 1968

Daughters Of 1968
Author: Lisa Greenwald
Publsiher: U of Nebraska Press
Total Pages: 420
Release: 2019
Genre: History
ISBN: 1496212010

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Daughters of 1968 is the story of French feminism between 1944 and 1981, when feminism played a central political role in the history of France. The key women during this epoch were often leftists committed to a materialist critique of society and were part of a postwar tradition that produced widespread social change, revamping the workplace and laws governing everything from abortion to marriage. The May 1968 events--with their embrace of radical individualism and antiauthoritarianism--triggered a break from the past, and the women's movement split into two strands. One became universalist and intensely activist, the other particularist and less activist, distancing itself from contemporary feminism. This theoretical debate manifested itself in battles between women and organizations on the streets and in the courts. The history of French feminism is the history of women's claims to individualism and citizenship that had been granted their male counterparts, at least in principle, in 1789. Yet French women have more often donned the mantle of particularism, advancing their contributions as mothers to prove their worth as citizens, than they have thrown it off, claiming absolute equality. The few exceptions, such as Simone de Beauvoir or the 1970s activists, illustrate the diversity and tensions within French feminism, as France moved from a corporatist and tradition-minded country to one marked by individualism and modernity.

French Women in Politics Writing Power

French Women in Politics  Writing Power
Author: Raylene L. Ramsay
Publsiher: Berghahn Books
Total Pages: 318
Release: 2003
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9781571810823

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Although more women in France have entered political life than ever before, the fact remains that there are fewer women representatives in the French parliament than there were after the Second World War. In a new and original approach, the author presents an overview and analysis of the emerging body of text by or on women who have held high political office in France. The argument is that writing about women and politics has not just described or reflected women's slow but now substantial entry into political life; it has played a major part in shaping the parity debate and its outcomes. Interviews with political women, such as Huguette Bouchardeau, Simone Veil or Edith Cresson, inserted in the text, demonstrate the emergence and circulation of a new common discourse focused on the issue of whether women in politics make or should make a difference. A close reading of the various texts examined in this book and their connection to new public counter-discourses in France suggest that a re-writing of power is indeed occurring.

The Oxford Handbook of French Politics

The Oxford Handbook of French Politics
Author: Robert Elgie
Publsiher: Oxford University Press
Total Pages: 664
Release: 2016-11-24
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 0191648477

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The Oxford Handbook of French Politics provides a comprehensive and comparative overview of the French political system through the lens of political science. The Handbook is organized into three parts: the first part identifies foundational concepts for the French case, including chapters on republicanism and social welfare; the second part focuses on thematic large-scale processes, such identity, governance, and globalization; while the third part examines a wide range of issues relating to substantive politics and policy, among which are chapters on political representation, political culture, social movements, economic policy, gender policy, and defense and security policy. The volume brings together established and emerging scholars and seeks to examine the French political system from a comparative perspective. The contributors provide a state-of-the-art review both of the comparative scholarly literature and the study of the French case, making The Oxford Handbook of French Politics an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the foundations of contemporary political life in France.


Author: R. Celestin
Publsiher: Taylor & Francis
Total Pages: 230
Release: 2000
Genre: Literary Criticism
ISBN: 9057005719

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First Published in 2001. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Parity Democracy

Parity Democracy
Author: Jocelyne Praud
Publsiher: UBC Press
Total Pages: 204
Release: 2011-07-01
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 0774819464

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In 1999 and 2000, France adopted laws to ensure equal access to elected office for women and men. Parity Democracy explores the evolution and influence of France's gender parity reforms, from their historical roots to their recent extension beyond the electoral sphere. Drawing on extensive interviews, as well as on European and French legal documents, Praud and Dauphin show that although these reforms have not dramatically boosted women's representation in the National Assembly, they have set in motion a process of feminization in the electoral sphere that bodes well for the future of parity democracy.

The Reparative in Narratives

The Reparative in Narratives
Author: Mireille Rosello
Publsiher: Liverpool University Press
Total Pages: 246
Release: 2010-01-01
Genre: Social Science
ISBN: 1846312213

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The authors studied in this volume represent a Francophone archipelago unfamiliar to any mapmaker, but drawn together through their use of narrators who are survivors and, sometimes, inflictors, of unspeakable acts of violence. These authors, then, Mireille D. Rosello argues, repair trauma through the act of writing. The reparative narratives introduced here require that readers be prepared to accept that healing belongs to a whole realm of potential outcomes—and that exposure and denunciation do not exhaust the victim’s range of possibilities. Rosello contends that this context-specific, yet repeating, pattern constitutes a response to our contemporary understanding of both globalized and extremely localized types of traumatic memories.

Gender Quotas Parity Reform and Political Parties in France

Gender Quotas  Parity Reform  and Political Parties in France
Author: Katherine A. R. Opello
Publsiher: Lexington Books
Total Pages: 179
Release: 2006
Genre: History
ISBN: 9780739113103

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France is notorious for the underrepresentation of women in its halls of politics. Having been unsuccessful at implementing quotas for female candidates-unlike several of their European neighbors-France passed a gender parity law in 2000 that required all political parties to field an equal number of male and female candidates. Yet in the 2002 elections the main political parties fell well short of nominating equal numbers of male and female candidates. How did parity replace gender quotas as the preferred way to achieve greater representation for women in elected office? Why have these gender-based measures been embraced by some parties and not others? And, why do parties sometimes fail to implement quotas and parity? Gender Quotas, Parity Reform, and Political Parties in France considers this transition from quotas to parity, providing a history of French women's rights and the French electoral process, as well as an examination of the roles of the Socialist and Gaullist political parties. Compelling and clearly written, Opello has created a work that bridges an existing gap in literature about contemporary France and will appeal to scholars of gender, politics, and France.

France Since 1945

France Since 1945
Author: Professor of Modern History Robert Gildea
Publsiher: Oxford University Press, USA
Total Pages: 280
Release: 1996
Genre: History
ISBN: 0192192469

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The last fifty years have seen immense challenges for the French: constructing a new European order, building a modern economy, searching for a stable political system. It has also been a time of anxiety and doubt. The French have had to come to terms with the legacy of the German Occupation, the political and social implications of the influx of foreign immigrants, the destruction of traditional rural life, and the threat of Anglo American culture to French language and civilization. Robert Gildea's account examines French politics, society, and culture as well as France's role in the world from 1945 to 1995. He looks at France's attempt to recover national greatness after the Second World War; its attempt to deal with the fear of German resurgence by building the European Community; the Algerian war; and the later development of a neo-colonialism to preserve its influence in Africa and the Pacific. He traces the career of General de Gaulle, the revolution of 1968, and the trend towards both political consensus and political disillusionment. He also examines the rise and fall of the French intellectual, the changing cultural policy of the state, and the threat of feminism, regionalism, and multiculturalism to the ideal of the 'One and Indivisible Republic'.

The Empire Within

The Empire Within
Author: Sean Mills
Publsiher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Total Pages: 303
Release: 2010-03-26
Genre: History
ISBN: 0773583491

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In a brilliant history of a turbulent time and place, Mills pulls back the curtain on the decade's activists and intellectuals, showing their engagement both with each other and with people from around the world. He demonstrates how activists of different backgrounds and with different political aims drew on ideas of decolonization to rethink the meanings attached to the politics of sex, race, and class and to imagine themselves as part of a broad transnational movement of anti-colonial and anti-imperialist resistance. The temporary unity forged around ideas of decolonization came undone in the 1970s, however, as many were forced to come to terms with the contradictions and ambiguities of applying ideas of decolonization in Quebec. From linguistic debates to labour unions, and from the political activities of citizens in the city's poorest neighbourhoods to its Caribbean intellectuals, The Empire Within is a political tour of Montreal that reconsiders the meaning and legacy of the city's dissident traditions. It is also a fascinating chapter in the history of postcolonial thought.

Women Intellectuals in Post 68 France

Women Intellectuals in Post 68 France
Author: I. Long
Publsiher: Springer
Total Pages: 161
Release: 2013-10-30
Genre: Political Science
ISBN: 1137318775

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Accounts of public intellectuals in France and French feminism have focused on a specific set of women thinkers overlooking some major women intellectuals. This book aims redresses this balance by studying these forgotten intellectuals creating a cultural and theoretical re-evaluation of the gendered phenomenon of the public intellectual in France.

Secularisation Europe

Secularisation   Europe
Author: Jan M.F. van Reeth
Publsiher: Uitgeverij Betsaida
Total Pages: 400
Release: 2017-02-03
Genre: Religion
ISBN: 9491991396

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In 2015 vond aan het Sint-Janscentrum een wetenschappelijk colloquium plaats met internationale sprekers, naar aanleiding van de verjaardag van de val van de Berlijnse Muur. De teksten van de lezingen, die gehouden werden tijdens dit colloquium, zijn nu verzameld in de bundel Secularisation & Europe , een uitgave van uitgeverij Betsaida in samenwerking met de wetenschappelijke uitgeverij van de Pauselijke Universiteit Johannes Paulus II in Krakau.