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Fallout 4 Forum

A vibrant and hospitable Fallout 4 forum where you can discover news, mods, tutorials, fan fiction and even redeem prizes for contributing!

The Final DLC will be released by the end of this month -- you will soon be able to jump in a world
inhabited by raiders who are terrorising the locals.

If you haven't yet seen details about Fallout 4's upcoming survival mode, here are the confirmed details on what it will entail:


New to the Fallout franchise? Are you a lore hound? Or maybe you're just looking for a refresher? Settle in; here we'll look at Fallout's factions in greater detail.

Of all the factions in the Fallout universe, none is as iconic as the Brotherhood of Steel. Even people who are unfamiliar with the wasteland's lore or its many factions associate the Fallout franchise with the distinctive power-armored visage that most characters in-game also recognize the Brotherhood by. Fallout 4 will probably be bringing in a lot of new folks, and a lot of Brotherhood history is back in games that even some of us won't play, so for the benefit of all, lets look at who the Brotherhood of Steel is in depth, and more specifically, where they come from.

I. Pre-War, 2076-2077
The Brotherhood's origins are closely tied with some of the other defining attributes of Fallout history. It began with the Army detachment in charge of security at Mariposa Military Base, where the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus) was being developed. This security detail was originally led by one Colonel Robert Spindel, and his second in command, Captain Roger Maxson. The Colonel and his men were kept in the dark about the nature of the research at Mariposa, especially that it was being conducted on human prisoners. Despite the attempts at secrecy, the security...
! ! ! Forewarning ! ! !

This guide was made before April 2016, before the new changes to "survival" difficulty mode. If you are going to use the new hardcore "survival" difficulty mode, it changes half of the recommendations! Including the perk plan and SPECIAL settings. At this time, I do not feel motivated enough to update the guide for the new changes in "survival" difficulty mode, due out April 16. If you feel confident that you won't use the new "survival" difficulty mode, the guide would still be accurate and correct.

Purpose of this tips and recommendations guide

I originally created this guide/recommendation/tips for someone in particular, that was getting ready to play Fallout 4 (“Fo4”), after searching myself and couldn’t find any such guide/tips in text form. Text is important, as you know, because it is searchable by both search engines and your browser page search utility. And you won’t find a video with all this information in it. Fo4 is very short on information/help, and thus such a guide would be very informational to anyone beginning a Fo4 game – this is meant for beginners, but does contain a great deal of information about the game mechanics that even a few Fo4 players in mid-game might want to refer to. Yes, it’s a long “wall ‘o’ text” it’s packed with very helpful info that is hard to find elsewhere – I wish I had the advantage of using it when I started my first Fo4 playthrough. Most of this info was learned the hard way, trial-and-error. But this guide wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the Fo4 Wiki: <Fallout 4>. It is the only other non-video web source (other than mods) to really learn the game mechanics, and about what’s in the game. I don’t explain many things here that are explained in the wiki.

Presently, as I edit this, I am level 65 in-game, most of which was played on “survival” (hardest)...
The basics:
  • Excess Water and Food get's distributed to your workshop in your settlement each day. (just switch to the Aid tab for easy access by pressing A or D on the PC).
  • Mutfruit is the lightest and most profitable of the fruits.
  • Fruit and Water respawn every 24 hours IF and only IF spent away from the settlement.
This means you'll have to rest or wait a few clicks away from the settlement you want the items to spawn, Diamond City is a great place to wait in.
  • All craftables are purchasable as Shipments, when you've discovered Diamond City and Goodneighbour you'll have access to most of the valuable materials from the vendors there. (Under Junk, Shipment - ).
So, how does this work?
Mutfruit takes a little more work, but, is more profitable.
The deal with mutfruit is, that you can actually place a truck ton of it in all of your settlements, make a run and collect every single piece of mutfruit, go to diamond city or goodneighbour, sell/trade it all, wait for 24 hours and do it again. This can be very profitable, but it will take time.
Do note! that mutfruit needs to be -worked- by a settler, in order to produce mutfruit!

Purified Water however does not require you to collect from your water treatment plants, or a settler to work, and therefor is fully passive income you can enjoy while questing.

As per example:

How much money will I make?
That kind of depends, here's how much I make per day with 10 charisma and 2 points in cap collector, but with 0 of the trade books found:


Obviously, the more charisma, the more perks, and the more books, the more you'll make!
So it might be nice to invest in these small perks. I don't think 10 charisma is going to be needed, I just really happen to like charisma for selling and speech checks, but I think an average charisma would work just as well.

I've come up with a few useful little tips/loot locations worth noting for any of you scavvers out there in the wastes.

- Supermutant Suicider will kill a mid-tier survivor in a split second. They move quickly, but are usually low in armor and cam be neutralized before they detonate. If you wish to kill it instantly, VATS target it's mini nuke for a satisfying blow - just be sure to keep your distance!
- As in a lot of AAA FPS titles, you can peak around corners to conceal a lot of your body from taking fire. This can be achieved by aiming down the sight near the edge of a wall - you should lean around its corner!
- If youre like me and you play on harder difficulties for greater immersion into the wasteland game we love, AVOID USING CARS FOR COVER. I cannot count how many times I've been blown sky-high when ducking behind a car to reload only for the enemy to pelt the fragile cover with rounds.
- Watch your step! Most of the enemy bases and loot spots in the wastes are strewn with traps and tripwires. You can disarm these without activating them, just watch your footing - you may lose a limb or four if you're not cautious!
- Take advantage of your surroundings. Most people like to rush head in, but if you're on a higher difficulty this is a no-go. Use higher ground, available cover and flanking to take the battle into your hands!
- AVOID allying with too many settlements early on: a majority of these settlements in the wastes are lacking with defense and are subject to attacks, and you might not always have the ability to fast travel and save your little friends from attacks. Until you have set up a strong headquarters with lots of scrap to distribute influence from, try not to dive into the settlements yet.
- Lastly, scrap is often times better than caps! You can sell junk in the wastes easily for a little bit of caps, or you can utilize the scrap at a settlement to upgrade your weapons, armor and the settlement itself. The world of Fallout 4 is teeming with scrap, why sell it when you can make yourself the most bad*** build ever?
- Lots of raider armor laying around in a location after a battle? See if there's a weapon/armor bench in the area - you can scrap up these armor sets rather than selling them/weighing you down. They aren't worth much at face value in caps, but their components are sure to provide useful when you'd least expect them to.
- GRAB EVERYTHING. I have made the mistake of passing by regular junk I thought was useless only to realize that I'd need it later. Now I pick up everything from teddy bears for leather to extinguishers for steel, asbestos and more.
- Be on the look out for items containing adhesive, nuclear material, copper, circuitry or screws. Any of these materials are easily overlooked but are vital to the best mods in the game.

To obtain relatively infinite adhesive, you'll need a few things, notably a settlement with a few settlers to work for you.
You'll need a cooking station, most settlements start with them so this shouldn't be too difficuly, or you can place your own with Local Leader Lvl. 2.
At this cooking station, under the UTILITY tab, you can craft Vegetable Starch. The vegetable starch is a junk item that provides 5 adhesive.
1.) Plant corn, mutfruit, gourds, and tatos.
2.) Assign settlers to farm it automatically.
3.) Harvest/Collect the crops when grown, and craft the Vegetable Starch in the cooking station. Voila! ~

I have a few outlined that I see fit as very good settlements, for various reasons like a mass of starting scrap, defendability, flat space (good for building big structures) and of course location.
- Covenant (strong walls, clean, and located near central Boston between the city and Salem.)
- Sanctuary (this is a given; it offers several foundations for building from scrappy blessed ruined homes, and is a very large and easily obtainable settlement.)
- Starlight Drive-in (very flat, lots of cars to scrap for steel.)
And finally,
- The Castle (easily defendable, comes with power cables and water supply that only need generators to run and comes with an armory.)

Throughout my ventures in the waste, I've picked up a few nice spots to revisit for (sometimes due to enemies) easily obtainable scrap, caps and ammo.
- South Boston Federal Reserve (lots of food and basic medical supplies.)
- Fraternal Post 115 (although guarded by mutants, this spot has lots of caps and ammo with lots of junk strewn about.)
- General Atomics Factory (lots of electrical components like circuitry, steel and copper, great place to stock up on rarer settlement materials.)
- Mass Pike Tunnels (located in the backdrop of Diamond City, although heavily guarded by raiders, contains a lot of chems, ammo, weapons and various junk items.)

If you have any tips yourself, feel free to drop a reply below! Just try to keep this forum spoiler free, as I myself have focused on more side quests than the main quest line and would like to find out the inner conflicts in the story myself.
Thanks again, and welcome home! ~
Here I am, Ted Moretti, a proud Staff Sergeant of the United States Army, living in the glorious city we Bostonians like to call, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I turned 28 on the 13th of October and the skies were more blue than Nuka Cola Quantum. Mmmmm that stuff is good. To say it simply, I've got my whole life ahead of me, and I have a great deal to be thankful for. I married the love of my life two years ago, Ella Johnston. I must say her eyes are the color of Spring and her hair is blonde as if the Sun embodies it. She is so lovely. We had a beautiful baby boy a few months ago as well. We gladly named him Shaun, after my great grandfather, who served in World War II, 132 years ago.

Today is October 23, 2077. It is an incredibly important day, because I have been stressing myself endlessly about memorizing my speech for the Veterans Hall tonight. Of course Ell has been telling me I'll do alright, but seriously... Who would want to piss off or bore a bunch of old farts who know how to shoot you square. Anyway, the speech will be about the history of war, how it ,strangely, never changes.

Ell pushed me out of the bathroom, I evidently took too long. I could say the same about her 99 percent of the time. Might as well go out and get my coffee. There's Codsworth, the household Robot. He is to say the least, interesting. Very personable for something made out of nuts, bolts, and steel.

And... There goes Shaun crying again. Codsworth found it necessary to yell at the top of his speakers, "I have got you child", and thrusted himself back to Shaun's room to to stop the crying. Not working. He yells at me to go and take care of my own child while he goes back to washing the dishes whistling loudly to himself contently.

I can't help but think to myself that I have everything I could've asked for. Ell and I made plans to go to the park tomorrow and enjoy the day while Codsworth takes care of Shaun. I love making those dates. Especially, while being extraordinarily busy with working at the local military towers all the time and keeping them up to date with maintenance. You never want to get hit unexpectedly by a bomb like the Japanese did.

I then hear, "Mr. Ted, Mrs. Ella, come here quickly, it is of great importantance". Hopefully, it is nothing too important. I have enough to worry about. We walked to the living room and the first thing I see is the happy go lucky Damion Lynch, the TV host, looking as if he stared death in the face. Perhaps he did.

He then said, "There have been attacks worldwide. They are...". My world went black, and I said to myself with furious passion, "War never changes, Ted... war never changes".

Senior veteran of the US army Johnathan Avery was watching the news that day. Seemed like the only thing he could do keep himself entertained after nearly getting crippled in Alaska. He had just turned 52, and was too young to die, but too worn to live.

"Commies," he mumbled while rocking in his chair, "we shoulda nuked ya long time ago."

"What's that dear?" his wife Marissa called from the kitchen.

"You know damn well I'm arguing with the TV!"

She frowned and returned to her cooking when the doorbell rang. She quickly wiped her hands on the apron which hung around her neck and walked to the door as her husband watched her.

"Tell 'em we don't want nothin'!"

His brow furrowed and he turned off the TV before tossing the remote to the side and rocking himself up from the chair. His heavy footsteps echoed through the house and Marissa quickly shut the door, moments before he arrived.

"Who was that?" he leaned his hand on the wall as he said that.

"Some salesman," she said as she slid underneath his arm, "I told him we don't want anything."

He hated the apathy in her voice. Hated how good of a wife she was. John knew she hated her life underneath her drawn smiling face and he hated himself for making her that way. He sighed and lowered his chin to his chest.

Outside, screams filled the air and a voice came through the PA and he lifted his head immediately towards it. With one hand still leaning on the wall, he managed to reach out and grab the knob.

Residents of Sanctuary Hills, if you are registered, evacuate to Vault 111 immediately.

John's head turned left and right as soldiers and civilians alike filled the streets. He made a painful step outside before he called his wife. She didn't hear him, but he continued to walk anyway. People were running and his first instinct was to grab cover.

"Marissa!" he screamed again and she came out running.

"John! What's going on?"

"It's the commies. We gotta go."

"Go? But..."

"Now woman!"

He hated...